The RSCE regulations states that to accept frozen semen, the donor must be genetically identified through a DNA test. This is the only test that ensures the paternity of a litter, avoiding unnecessary frauds and confusions.
If you want to freeze semen with Cryocel, you need to have your donor DNA tested with the genetic markers recommended by the RSCE.
If you are interested in the paternity test please contact us and download the application document.
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How to obtain the Samples

The test can be done on blood, saliva, hair and other materials. This is valid for DNA testing and for paternity tests. The samples must be taken by a collegiated veterinarian:


Collect 0.5-1ml of blood and pour it on the blood tube provided. Close the tube and mix it gently 2 or 3 times. Identify the tube and complete the data sheet. Send both the tube and the sheet with the post or courier.


The dog must not have eaten recently. Clean and dry the lip with a tissue. Rub the lip and the inside of the cheeck with the cotton swab provided for 20-30 seconds. Place them into the transport tube, cut the end of the swab until you can close it. Identify the tube and fill the data sheet. Send both the tube and the sheet with the post or courier.

Never freeze the samples
. If the sample is not going to be sent immediately, it can be kept cooled at 4-6 oC.

Paternity control

Paternity is established when the lab proves by genetic tests that a dog is the father of a litter. These tests can be used too, to exclude paternity, that means, to prove that a dog has a genotype that is not compatible with that of the one that is supposed to be its son.

The DNA analysis enables us to know the genetic material that an individual has directly inherited from its parents. The DNA is present in all parts of the body and is always the same. The one in the blood is the same as the one in the muscles, bones, teeth, etc…The DNA is created at the time of conception and stays the same throughout the life of an animal. The genetic characteristics on an individual come 50% from each parent.

The incompatibility test between parent and son is 100% sure. The paternity test, on the other hand, has an increasing trustworth that depends on the number of fragments of DNA used for the test, it can be higher than 99%.

If you want to know more about paternity control and pedigree, PRESS HERE [59 KB]


Inherited diseases

Now a days, it is possible to know if an animal is carrier of any inherited diseases. Cryocel offers the possibility of its diagnosis through genetic tests
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