Chilled Semen

Send the semen, not the dog!

Chilled semen is an ejaculate mixed with and energetic and protective diluent, to preserve the sperm for a minimum of 72 hours, when kept at a constant temperature of 5ºC.


Advantages of using frozen semen

Shipping containers for chilled semen

Chilled semen does not need the difficult handling procedure of the frozen semen, and the insemination can be done by veterinarians who are not specialists in reproduction, and even by experienced breeders with basic knowledge of reproduction. The insemination can be done into the vagina, the same as with fresh semen.This type of semen is becoming very popular amongst the breeders due to its easy handling, low cost, it is easy to send and the regulations are often not as strict regarding its transport and that of the nitrogen container in the airlines.To inseminate with chilled semen, the ovulation time has to be previously determined through a Progesterone test or with ultrasound control ultrasound control. Once we know when the optimal insemination time is, we order the semen collection and dilution. We should receive the semen within 14 to 30 hours after the extraction. The first insemination is done on the arrival date and the second one 24 hours later.
The success rate is between 80-90% (very similar as that of fresh semen).


What happens after the semen collection ?

Once the semen has been collected and examined, it is mixed with a special diluent and refrigerated at 5ºC. It can be kept for up to 72 hours with excellent viability.The only possible problem is when the transport time is too long or if the temperature is too high or too low.
Cryocel provides Special KITS to prepare chilled semen and for its transport.
It is important to have all the import-export permits and to comply with the individual regulations for each country time before the transport.


The insemination is performed vaginally with a suitable catheter does not require use of the intrauterine route. It is very important to sync to the female at the time of receipt of the sample.


Price list

Colection, evaluation and chilling procedure  150 € 
Transport container  30 a 100 € 
Expedition Certificate depends on the Country   30 a 50 €