Insemination with frozen semen

Inseminating with frozen semen

Endoscopic insemination IU

The success o fan insemination depends of three main factors. The first one is to determine correctly the ovulation day of the bitch. This is done through a Progesterona test and through ultrasound control of the ovulation. The second important factor is to use semen with good quality after defreezing, with good motility and a number higher than 150 million living sperm for each artificial insemination. It is recommended to make two inseminations (though some litters have been obtained with only 50 million). The third factor is to use the right technique to introduce the semen in the inside of the uterus. If fresh or chilled semen is used, it is enough to leave it at the end of the vagina. To leave the semen in the inside of the uterus, three different techniques can be used. The first one is to use an intrauterine Norwegian catheter, it is a blind insemination.
The second one is done with the use of a rigid video-endoscope. The approach is done through the vagina, and a semirigid catheter is used to go through the neck of the uterus and into the end of the uterine horns, near the ovary. This type of insemination is absolute pain-free and can be done without the use of sedatives. As many intrauterine inseminations as required can be done.The third way is inseminating surgically through laparoscopy. The semen is injected into the inside of the uterine horns. This method does require anesthesia.
With Cryocel you can chose any of these three methods to inseminate your bitch.We have long experience in insemination with video-endoscopy and we are the pioneers of this technique in Spain.
If the circumstances are adequate, you can expect 60-80% success of obtaining a litter.