Care of the newborn

Neonatal control

Valoración del reflejo de flexión

To assess the newborn will help us determine de viability degree of the puppy. Each animal receives a punctuation during the clinical exam. This result will be compared with the survival table. Emergency care should be taken when necessary.
Always make this test to each puppy as soon as it is born. You will have less deaths if you take action in time.



PUNTUATIÓN   Value 0   Value 1   Value 2  
Heart rate  Low < 100 ppm   Middle < 120 ppm   Optimal between 120 and 180 bpm  
Respiratory rate  Low < 8 rppm   Middle between 8 a 20 breaths per minute  Optimal between 20 and 35 breaths per minute 
Body temperature  Low < 34ºC   Middle between 34 and 37 Cº  Optimal > 37 ºC  
Hydration   Dehydrated  Slightly Dehydrated  Hydrated 
Stimuli  No sucking reflex  Slight Sucktion  Good sucking reflex 
Muscle tone  Flaccid  Slight movements of the limbs  Active movements of the limbs 
Colour Skin/Mucous membranes  Pale - Blueish   Pink - Blue Hands and Feet  Pink 


Puntuation   Optimal  Unfavorable- Urgent Atention - Resuccitation procedures needed  
From 12 a 14   90 %  No 
From 7 a 11   60 %  Yes 
< 4  30 %  Yes, very Urgent