Pedriatic Medecine


Since Cryocel was created, to become specialist in medicine in newborns, was one of our main objectives.It is a difficult speciality, though very rewarding when we see how this puppy grows up thanks to our help and care.
In our clinic, the paediatrics service functions 24h. We have incubators that guarantee the optimal temperature, humidity and oxygen supply for the sick puppy.



Also Found in this section...

Fresh frozen plasma You and rechargeable, which administer fresh frozen plasma to the newborn puppy in the first 36 hours of life, as an alternative to the lack of maternal colostrum, will give it more vitality and endurance, during those critical days.

Care of the newborn Doing a scan of the newborn. gives us information vital to their survival. Get used to doing the test of vitality, their newborn cub. You will have fewer casualties in his kennel ..

Feeding through a gastric tube We showed a video very practical where you will see how to administer the puppy food with a stomach tube. It is a good alternative to the bottle.