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Foetal resorption

Foetal resorption is a frequent pathology in the pregnant bitch. Viable embryonic vesicle (right). Vesicle in resorption process (left).

The canine reproduction is the basis of any stud. During the last years we have done conferences and seminars throughout Spain for breeders. The assistance was massive and the interest in learning and solving problems, our best satisfaction.

We help you solve the reproductive problems of your dog. It is more and more frequent to find bitches that do not get pregnant, studs with low quality semen, foetal deaths, abortions, caesareans, neonatal deaths, etc…

Ask us and together, we will improve your kennel.


The stud

If you notice a decrease in the number of born puppies, at different breeding times or if you stud leaves more than one bitch empty, it can be sign of decreased fertility. Many of these problems can be solved if diagnosed early, before they become croic and irreversible.
A stud can lose all his breeding capacity in only 3 months.We offer you high quality assistance for your breeding stud.


The breeding bitch

Of the bitch depends the production and viability of the kennel. Thanks to the evolution of Medicine we can now a days solve many of its pathologies without having to spay them.We can help you increase the number of puppies per litter, administer the oestrus of your bitches better, program caesareans, decrease the number of empty bitches after breeding…..
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